World class products to your door steps!

Inovagrids has in its portfolio world class products to cater to the power industry 

Partial Discharge

Partial discharge (PD) detection is a valuable technique you can use to assess asset condition. Inovagrids offers a complete range of PD tools that can be used while equipment remains in service.

Power Transformers

Power Transformers are a key asset in the electric network. Doing the right assessment such as power factor, tan delta, SFRA, and DGA are crucial to optimize operation and life time.


Performing tests for protective relays is critical whether it is digital or electromechanical, at Inovagrids we carry a range of powerful relay test kits for all your requirements.

Rotating Machines

You need to maintain your generating and industrial plant at maximum performance and reliability. Which provides the extra current needed for high voltage test levels.


Rely on Inovagrids’s portfolio of solutions to detect problems in cables and their terminations. Inovagrids offers solutions for cable testing that will help you identify manufacturing defects.


Data and analysis are key to making critical tactical and strategic decisions. These decisions become more and more complex as you juggle concerns such as efficiency, budgets, safety, risk and more.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Inovagrids partners with the best World Class manufacturers in order to help its customers to get the best tools available in the industry.

World Class Testing Equipment

From Rotating Machines to Power Transformers as well as High Voltage Cables, Inovagrids offers the right testing equipment for your needs!